In the beginning was the typewriter

The Danish developer Kasper Skårhøj made a very human mistake in the 90s. He mistyped his code while programming and lost part of his work. The typo, English “Typo”, thus became the name of his program. The number “3” was added when the third version of the work made the popular breakthrough. TYPO3 was born. When Kasper Skårhøj presented the first TYPO3 to the public in 1998, we of course did not know about the development that this story would take.

What we like about TYPO3

Nearly 20 years ago, there were already common content management systems to offer users the possibility to change the content of websites independently. However, these solutions were partly very limited or required corresponding programs on the computer. With the time the desire grew among our customers for more possibilities to edit their own content directly. In the beginning these were relatively small requirements like the good old guestbooks or small news systems. At that time we created these solutions individually for each customer.

But soon the requirements grew and customers now needed multilingualism on the website or complex authorization models for editors and administrators. It was no longer economically viable to write a separate solution for each customer and we could not expect any customer to do so.

So we started looking for a system that would offer us as many possibilities as possible without being bound to a specific manufacturer. So the system should be licensed on the basis of “Open Source”, have a high acceptance, a good distribution and an active developer community. We found all this with TYPO3 and have never regretted it since.


  • TYPO3 Relaunches
  • TYPO3 Development
  • Templates and plugins
  • Version changes and migrations
  • TYPO3 hosting
  • Development of extensions
  • TYPO3 security updates
  • Trainings for TYPO3 editors


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