The customer and the task

In times of crisis, “Dein Gesundheitsamt Berlin Mitte” communicates with its citizens via a chatbot, which answers general questions about the topic of Corona and especially about residents of the Berlin Mitte district. This is intended to answer many questions that are usually asked via the hotline in advance and to find contacts, support and contact points in a targeted manner. In this way, it is possible to relieve the hotlines and the staff at the public health department.

District-specific concerns and questions for Berlin Mitte, such as the current number of infected persons or the utilization of intensive care beds can be asked via the chatbot. The chatbot also provides information about specific aid projects in the district and answers general questions about the work of the Berlin Mitte Health Office.

The Chatbot is editorially filled with information that is brought into meaningful topic contexts.

The implementation

The project is being implemented in cooperation with F&B, Pidoco and the Chatbottery technology they have developed. The project was initially implemented over a period of two weeks.

In a kick-off workshop, tonality, design, lists of sources and rough content clusters were created, which were further developed as concrete questions in the content and editorial development of the intent map.

Our tasks in this project:

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance


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